I can't think of anything funny to say about lights.

If you can, please illuminate me. đź’ˇ

I currently practice Architectural Lighting Design at Source Lighting Design in Brooklyn.

      • 2021-Present - Principal Lighting Designer; NYC

See our site for projects we've completed.

My past work in Architectural Lighting Design:

Lighting Workshop

      • 2019-2021 - Lighting Designer and Project Manager; New York City, NY

See their site for projects

Lumen Architecture

      • 2016-2019 - Lighting Designer; New York City, NY

See their site for projects

AE Design

      • 2015 - Intern Lighting Designer; Denver, CO

See their site for projects

Find me on LinkedIn to find out a little bit more about my lighting work and background.

**Portfolio available upon request

Ooh. Also, I have some fun with lighting on my own. A good friend and I curated and performed this light & music show.

We spent a lot of time defining the emotions of the music through the lighting.